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  Phone: 630-595-2040Fax: 630-595-4068
ISO 9001-2008 Registered
       Twinplex manufactures deep drawn stampings,
       metal stampings, eyelets, ferrules and shells.
Cups Stiffener, Coupling Stiffener, Coupling Cap, Barrel Stiffener, Coupling Barrel, Pen Disc, Cup, Sensor Ferrule Retainer Ferrule Oil Well Cover, Case Oil Well Cover, Case Oil Well Cover, Case Collector, Current Collar, Hex Cup, Pressure Spout, Tea Kettle Housing, Switch Shield, Coil Cup, Armiture Sleeve, Outer Cap, Adjuster Oil Well cover Base, Switch Cap, Fuse Compression Limitor Sleeve Sleeve, Castor Spacer, Retainer Eyelet Case, Sensor Shell, Hose Ferrule Rod Ends, Curtain Rod Ends, Curtain Link to TMA Site Link to PMA Site